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Welcome to Our Stocktraders-ICQ© Tripod Webpage.

WARNING - After-hours investing involves unique risks. These risks may include greater price volatility, less liquidity, and wider bid/ask spreads than during regular market hours.

Well, we had the Dow down small last week by finishing -1.2% for the week, the Nasdaq finished the week -2.5%, The Russell 2000 was -4.2%, and the S & P 500 was -1.7%. All traders should pay closer attention to their mental stops or plan on riding out some bumps along the way.


Dow -1.2%

Nasdaq -2.5%

S & P 500 -1.7%

Russell 2000 -4.2%

This last week was a small upturn for the Dow and a small downturn for the Nasdaq. We believe margin is fine to use if you DO NOT margin all your holdings. We feel it would be prudent to have 1/3 of a account on margin at this time.

We believe that a long-term or swing-trader should have 1/3 of their portfolio on margin at this time. A daytrader could have some margin of up to 1/2 of his holdings if you use tight stops. We want short-term traders to have their stops in a tighter range of -10% to -15% We suggest using -30% stops on your long-term positions at this time.

Well, the Dow and Nasdaq finished the week in the minus column.

LU and T still warrant being sold due to management issues.

The Economic reports coming this week are: on January 12th at 8:30 AM EST the Producer Price Index (PPI) report will be released and at 8:30 AM EST the Retail Sales report will be released. These reports will rate a B- to A- on a scale of A-F. Everyone should place close attention to pre-market trading and how the futures are acting each morning before the market opens for trading.

Canadian Stocks for 2001 by TraderJ copyright2001

After we turn from overall market downward momentum to upward momentum these three Canadian companies should rebound well.

Infowave Wireless (IW:TORONTO) Target: US$30 Infowave is well positioned to take advantage of the coming boom in wireless email. Thomas Koll(a current VP at Microsoft) will be starting as the companies CEO on February 15. They have many impressive partners including Intel, Nokia and Compaq. Current market conditions have made this stock very oversold.

Rogers Communications (RCB.A:TORONTO) Target: US$42 Rogers is Canada's largest cable television company they also have their hands into providing high speed internet as well as cellular and paging services. The longterm outlook for this company is stable and is likely to see steady growth in a booming industry.

Nortel Networks (NT:TORONTO, NT:NASDAQ) Target: US$175 Many Canadian brokers are raving about the buying opportunity available due to Nortels current price weakness.

IPOs by M_A_Trader©:

Ipos are now out of favor in this market. There will not be many ipos coming to the market so check on them at this web site. Click on Ipo Info is a great site to research ipos.WARNING: IF YOU BUY IPOs AFTER THE STOCK OPENS USE LIMIT ORDERS ONLY.

"A" Portfolio Stock Report by M_A_Trader©

Research in Motion closed the week at $47.63 we have raised our 12 month target to $255 (RIM, TSE) (RIMM, NASDAQ). News for RIMM: No new news on RIMM. We are letting RIMM run for our target of $255. Use a trailing stop of $25 so you do not get stopped out of RIMM to early if you have some large gains from its lows earlier in the year. This last week would have had you sell all your RIMM holdings if you were using the -$25 stop.You may have to hold RIMM for 12 - 18 months depending on how the market is doing. RIMM has found partners in AOL and Compaq. Amazon has Crackberry available for $499 with service available at $39.95 per month. RIMM

Nortel (NT, TSE)(NT, NYSE) Nortel closed the week at $33.06. We now have a 12-month target on NT of $175 US. News for NT: No new news for NT. We have a target on NT of $175 over the next 12 months. NT


We would wait for a pull back in the good stocks in our "A" Portfolio before buying into this great big one-day rally. We wanted to see some follow through in the Nasdaq on January 4-5th but there was no follow up to the big rise after the FED announcement of lower interest rates. The upper resistance levels for the Nasdaq is 2,750 and then 3,000. Support is at 2,250 and then 2,175.

The "A" Portfolio is going to a strict percentage gain or loss sell mode for now with the market fluctuating so much at this time. If a position moves up +20% one-quarter of the position will be sold, at +40% another one-quarter will be sold, and then at +75 to +100% another one-quarter of the position will be sold. That will leave one-quarter of the position to ride the stock higher. We still will use -30% to exit a stock position. Our targets for these stocks are on our Charts page.

All the past additions to the "A" Portfolio are on this page now."A" Portfolio Additions

The chart for our "A" Portfolio is here."A" Portfolio 2001 Results

The charts for all our other stocks we follow are here.Charts 2001

Charts 2001a

Please read our disclaimer about the "A" Portfolio here. "A" Portfolio Disclaimer

Our Stock Charts for 4th quarter of 2000 have been moved to their own page. Stock Picks 2000

Our Stock Charts for 3rd quarter of 2000 have been moved to their own page. Old Stock Picks 3rd Quarter 2000

Our Old Stock Picks for the 1st quarter of 2000 data have been moved to their own page. Old Stock Picks 1st Quarter 2000 Data

Our Old Stock Picks for the 2nd quarter of 2000 data have been moved to their own page. Old Stock Picks 2nd Quarter 2000 Data

LEAPS® information is now on this page. LEAPS®

VIRS (5.25 ) is a very speculative buy at this time. VIRS was +6.28% this last week. VIRS is a strong buy if it sinks down to $5 1/2 - 6 1/2 Only buy it if you can afford to lose all you invest in it. The chart for VIRS is looking good so continue to hold this stock for our $25 target. News from VIRS: No new news from VIRS this week.

Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of new antiviral drug candidates, with a particular focus on therapies for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). Triangle's proprietary drug candidates under development for HIV and/or HBV include Coviracil(R) (emtricitabine), Coactinon(R) (emivirine), DAPD, L-FMAU (clevudine) and DMP-450. Triangle is also developing immunotherapies for HIV, HBV and HCV in collaboration with Dynavax Technologies Corporation (Dynavax) utilizing Dynavax' immunostimulatory sequence (ISS) technology."

Management and product development strategy is available on Triangle's website at: VIRS

We are adding another blown up stock as a speculative buy. We are adding ZOOX (1.56) as a very risky buy at $3 ½ or lower with a target of $25 in 12-24 months. ZOOX is currently having a slow down in sales year to year. Its new switch for SANS are not selling as well as management expected. New management has been installed but it may take two or more quarters to fix their inventory oversupply. Well, ZOOX has not been doing very good since we recommended it a few months ago. We would average into more of ZOOX and hold for the long-term. ZOOX may be dead money for the next two-three quarters. News for ZOOX this week: No new news for ZOOX. Only buy this stock if you can afford to lose your entire investment in ZOOX.ZOOX

With the Market being so volatile, a trader should have some close mental stops in the stocks they buy. We suggest a mental stop of 20% is used where appropriate.

Our 1999 BUYS and their targets are located on this page Stock Picks 1999

We recommend buying utilities based in Florida and not any utilities based in California. The reason is California based utilities do not produce enough of their own power and have to go onto the open market to buy power during peak usage. California utilities are having trouble and two of them Edison Intl. (EIX) and P G & E Corp. (PCG) are having problems so stay away from them for now. The authorities in California granted EIX and PCG some rate increases for the next 90 days but it may not help those two utilities enough in their cash flow and they still may end up in bankruptcy. For a person needing some income be sure to look into electric utilities for some bargain buying opportunities to take advantage of the high dividend paying utilities. We would buy 10-year treasuries for income and some appreciation if interest rates were lowered more this year. We recommend 3-6 months Treasuries because they are currently yielding 6.0%. CEI yield has gone down to 9.7% but it is still a buy for its yield and our target is $32.

The new stocks we have added to our charts for 2001 are: INSP; IMNX; ICOS; TQNT; TGEN; SBUX; RSTA; CRXA; COST; WM; ISLD; MCOM; CHKP; EMLX; ITWO; MANU; JNPR; MUSE; VRTS; QLGC; VRTY; ACRT; AREM; CHCS; INRS; PWER; PDII; SNWL; CHEZ; KO; CORV; GPS; GSPN; MDT; MRCY; AMCC; VTSS; XLNX; BKE; MYGN; CHIR; APC; DVN; JNY; MCLD; NBR; PTEN; QQQ; and TXN. We dropped the following stocks: T; EWEB; ROWE; SGAI; PCOR; PCNTF; ICY; AND LU. You will notice there we be more sections in the charts section of the website. We still will have sections called 12 month, Like, and Tracking. With new sections for Beaten up stocks from 2000, an ADV section for stocks new to our Newsletter, and a section called Dogs of the Dow. Dogs of the Dow are five stocks chosen from the Dow Jones Average of 30 stocks that has shown to beat the market over the past few years.

All the company's reports written about Stocks 2001 in the newsletter are here and this page will be updated soon Stock Picks 2001

With the Market being so volatile, a trader should have some close mental stops in the stocks they buy. We suggest a mental stop of 30% is used where appropriate.

We have moved our BUYS for 1999 to here 1999 Stock Picks

Readers will notice all our stocks we follow are on a separate page and we will list prices to purchase stocks at and a target price that we feel the stocks have of reaching in 12 months.

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