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ST Portfolio Disclaimer for "A" Portfolio:


 #1) Stocktraders-icq (including all staff, and family members) could possibly own a position in any stock prior to our suggestion to our readers. This is not meant as hype for personal gains but a recommendation for our readers. In fact, if A Portfolio EVER owns a position in a suggested stock, that information will be CLEARLY posted via email, and on our website if in fact we are aware of personal holdings of the members. We do not require that our membership and or staff disclose their securities and amount.. Our position can not be stronger on this issue. We do NOT trade against our readers.

 #2) A Portfolio (including all staff and family members) do NOT receive ANY compensation for a stock suggestion to our members. That means that we do not get paid cash, stock, property (etc.) to suggest a stock to our readers. 

#3) A Portfolio and Stocktraders-icq will issue a "buy" or "sell" recommendation depending on market
conditions. Our main purpose is too having A Portfolio alert our readers to stocks we believe will move up. Traders should (in our opinion) make "buy" or "sell" decisions based on a number of variables including (but certainly not limited to), experience, portfolio size, risk-tolerance, and current market conditions. 

#4) A Portfolio and Stocktraders-icq does NOT guarantee that any stock will go up OR down. 

#5) A Portfolio and Stocktraders-icq are neither an investment advisory service, nor a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not purport to tell or suggest which securities readers should buy or sell for themselves. readers should always check with their licensed financial advisors and their tax advisors to determine
the suitability of any investment.

The management of Stocktraders-icq